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How to succeed in the markets! – Is it possible to beat the markets?

by admin on March 18, 2013

1 Blog Pic¡How to succeed in the markets!

Did you know that 85% of the people trading the markets lose? Did you know that 15% of the investors takes the 85% of the profits? ¿Is it possible to beat the markets?


Which is the reason for this blog?  I have created this blog because I want you to be part of the 15% that profit and not the 85% who consistently lose in the markets. I want to take out some taboos about the financial markets and start creating a savings and investing consciousness.


Before I continue let me ask you something. Which are YOUR reasons to invest or trade the markets?

  • You want more wealth or income
  • You are looking for your financial freedom.
  • You are passionate about it.
  • Trading is an alternative business for you.
  • You want to stop working for others and live from the markets
  • You are about to retire.
  • You don’t want to have a boss, dates or want to trade from any place in the world
  • You want to show off… Eyh! That is a good one


Every reason you may have is valid and you may get your goals, besides, you perfectly can plan your own schedule and be successful. Just let me tell you something very important.  If you want to become an independent trader or investor, you HAVE TO and MUST see trading as a business. The reasons behind are that you must protect your hardly earned capital and it is important to eradicate the emotional equation.

There are some MYTHS and misleading information that I want you to be conscious off.

  • It is necessary to be a millionaire to invest in the markets. Wrong!
  • You need to know finance and economy.  Wrong!
  • You need a broker. Wrong!
  • Only professionals win in the markets. Wrong!
  • You can only invest. Wrong!

The technological advances and internet has open up to the world infinite possibilities for traders and investors.  Now you can trade without visas, in your own language, you can buy USA stock markets or any countries market, different business, coins and from any place in the world, at any time and from a PC or your iPhones.  The dream of many has become a reality.

Since technology is not an impediment now let’s see what you may NEED to know to succeed in the markets.

1) Education. Know the language of money.

2) Methodology. Know the moment and circumstance to act (trade).

3) Psychology. Keep your emotions balanced.

4) Discipline. Act respecting your own plan.

5) Money Management. Measure your portfolio and money at risk.

Additionally you may want to know the different brokers to choose from, the costs and commissions, the tools and platforms you may need.

6) Practice. This is like exercising, you must keep exercising continuously in order to be fit or you get out of shape. Every task, talent or skill needs to be developed through real life experience.


Remember, there is not a holy grail nor a perfect trade or method. It is better to learn one method, the one that is good enough to put the odds in your favor. Execute it consistently good, and then you be running the road to success in the markets.

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