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Selma Couret site is dedicated to persons like you that are looking information about financial (money) matters explain as easy and simple as possible. Discover useful resources, tips and market updates.

Selma´s philosophy is that the Universe is abundant in all senses including money and it is our duty to educate ourselves not only to attract money and reaches but to learn how to manage money and become financially responsible. The first step in order to start a meaningful shift in your finances and thus in your own life is to become aware of the situation.

The purpose of the site is to share some of the best and most useful tools, websites and coolest tips available about financial matters such money psychology, credit, debt and one of the most fascinating topics: the stock and Forex markets, their uses and information on how to succeed trading them, So if you are looking for a site in which to become financially literate, this is it. Simply register to get …….



I’m Couret Selma and I think it is possible to improve the economic situation of individuals and businesses through proper money management using financial techniques, psychology and common sense.

The idea of ​​learning finance was born in 1994 when I lived firsthand the ravages of the Mexican financial crisis called “Tequila Effect” and had worldwide impact.

In 2004 the decision to start taking COVECO, a company dedicated to consulting Finance and Marketing, consisting of specialists in Finance, Marketing and Merchandising.

My purpose is to help other businesses, professionals and independent people to get a flow of money through:

  • Credits.
  • Taxes and efficient conditions.
  • Debt refinancing.
  • Budgetary Control.
  • Improved image credit.
  • Make money in stock market and currency losses dramatically decreasing the inappropriate risk management.
  • Create viable business through internet marketing.

My passion for eliminating myths about Financial Markets, led me to conduct field research in the year 2005, putting myself as a pioneer in introducing Latin American culture investment as they would the Wall Street professionals using the psychology of the masses best results in personal and business finance.

As a Certified Public Accountant by profession, specializing in Finance graduate from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico. Diploma in Financial Derivatives in the ITAM (Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico) and Master as a trader or “Proprietary Trader” independent New York. Participate in the “Marketing Reality Show” certified by the Dubai Internet City.

I am currently Consultant in finance, Proprietary Trader at IFT, independent trader and am certified by the Association of Hispanic Speakers.

The last 15 years have been devoted to study and operate in International Financial Markets specializing in the stock market (Equity Markets) and Foreign Exchange (Forex) for their own benefit and my clients.

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